Thermaltake Silent Boost for K7 and 370

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Product Description

The full copper Silent Boost Highest Performance Cooler from Thermaltake is truely a revolutionary product. The product includes new innovative fan design that allows for a significant increase in fan intake. The fan is able to use air surrounding it on 5 sides, as opposed to the traditional 1 side. This increase in air intake causes the heatsink/fan combo to preform better than others of its kind.

Fan Dimensions80x80x25mm
Heatsink Dimension82x70x49mm
Rated Voltage12V
Started Voltage7V
Rated Current0.13A
Power Input1.56W
Fan Speed2450 +/- 10% RPM
Max. Air Flow27.5 CFM
Max. Air Pressure25.97 Pa-min
Noise21 dBa
Bearing TypeBall Bearing
Life Time60,000 Hours
Connector3 Pin

Overall this heatsink provides a more efficent, quieter soluition to processor cooling. The heatsink is solid copper with huge surface area (many fins). A great hinksink for all of your overclocking cooling needs.