Thermaltake TR2-M4 AMD & P4 Cooler

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Product Description

Thermaltake's TR2-M4 heatsink brings a great deal of asthetics and efficientcy to the heatsink market. The design concept is very similar to that of the Aero 7+ Heatsink, which was the first to introduce 2 way air induction.

The heatsink is built with a copper base and aluminum fins for extreme heat dissapation. The fan runs from speeds of 2500 RPM to 4500 RPM with a controller that easily installs into an open PCI slot. These heatsink/fan combo is sure to meet all of your cooling needs.

  • Intel Coppermine 1.13 GHz Tualatin 2.0 GHz
  • AMD all Duron Series & Athlon XP 3400+


Fan Dimension
80x80x70 mm
Heatsink Dimension
80x80x45 mm
Rated Voltage
Started Voltage
Rated Current
0.07 ~ 0.45 A
Power Input
0.84 ~ 5.40 W
Fan Speed
2100 ~ 4500 10% RPM
Max. Air Flow
10.9 ~ 26.9 CFM
Max. Air Pressure
1.1 ~ 7.5 mm H2O
25 ~ 41 dBA
Bearing Type
2-Ball bearing
Life Expectation
75,000 Hours
Weight 397g
Thermal Resistance

  • Blower fan: Two-way air induction, optimum air flow, air spread on the heat sink evenly
  • Embedded VR function in X-blower fan
  • Tool-less clip : 3-point fixed, quick to install
  • Heat sink : Unique copper-screwed process, make good contact between copper and aluminum, perform well
  • Manual fan speed control : Install in PCI slot, from 2100 rpm to 4500 rpm