Thermaltake Xaser Classic

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Product Description

Looking for an elegant, attractive, yet simple case? You have come to the right place. The Thermaltake Xaser Classic case provides a fashionable, sharp look without all of the blinking lights and laser cut grills included with newer cases on the market.

The chassis is manufactured by one of the best, well known names in the industry, Thermaltake. This case is a prime example of what happens when amazing innovation and design are applied to a simple project - near perfection. Splendor in Simplicity.

The Thermaltake Xaser Classic is designed for the easiest and simplest use possible. It is designed to be the ultimate 'simple' case; one of those dream machines that does everything you want, but so simple to use even your grandmother could figure it out.

The Xaser Classic chassis is to case the industry what anniversary series cars are to the automobile industry. There are limited quantities availabe, and this will be the case people are talking about months down the road. These cases are exclusive to Xoxide; they will only be found here. This will be your only chance to aquire this limited edition piece of excellence.


The Thermaltake Xaser Classic case is made of sturdy, light aluminum alloy with a clean silver finish. The case comes stock with five (5) quiet, high powered 80mm Thermaltake cooling fans. Two of these fans are located in the front for optimum hard drive cooling. Two more fans are in the rear of the case for exhaust, and finally one fan is mounted neatly on the side panel for cooling your video card and processor.

The case also has the classic Thermaltake swinging door allowing for easy access to your drives, but at the same time adds a clean, sophisticated look to the exterior of the case. The bottom portion of the front bezel is perforated with fins to allow maximum airflow to the two internal 80mm cooling fans. The interior of the case is standard finished aluminum found in most interiors. The drives are mounted with drive rails to maintain the 'ease of use' philosophy associated with this case. The hard drive bays are also removable as with other Thermaltake cases.