TouchLinc - INSTEON Wireless Touchscreen Controller Kit

TouchLinc - INSTEON Wireless Touchscreen Controller Kit
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Product Description

TouchLinc - INSTEON Wireless Touchscreen Controller Kit
With all the touchscreen tablets and smartphones on the market, why does anyone need a home automation touschreen? - Because it is ALWAYS ON! Just try using a multi-purpose device for a few days and then switch-over to an always-on automation touscreen, and you'll never go back.

TouchLinc is a highly capable touchscreen that just happens to be the least expensive home automation touchscreen on the market, with most 2 to 10 times more expensive. Easily programmed by you, the customer means you don't have to pay a dealer to set it up (increasing the price dramatically) or calling them to make simple changes.

Just because TouchLinc is affordable, don't think for a second that it is less capable. Other touchscreens have as little as 20% the resolution of TouchLinc. Many other touchscreens lack status and/or have clunky interfaces.

You can create as many Rooms as you wish, and then organize as many INSTEON scenes, events and devices into each room as you please. Each scene/device includes status feedback (when the button LED is Green, that scene/device is ON, LED Off means scene/device is OFF). For each button you can choose from dozens of available icons.

Please note that the active battery life while unplugged from power supply is up to 7 hours hours. HouseLinc PC software, the easiest to use INSTEON control software on the market, is currently required for programming/setup of TouchLinc.

New for Version 1.1
  • Scene Buttons (multiple INSTEON devices controlled by single button)
  • Wireless updates (Wi-Fi) of configuration (no more need to connect to your PC)
  • Unit comes fully programmed for easy out-of-box experience
  • Buttons can now be configured to always send ON, or OFF (in addition to the default toggle mode)
  • Buttons can now trigger HouseLinc Events
  • IOLinc sensor status now displayed (in addition to relay status)
  • Increased font size for easier reading
  • Pop-up messages for user-feedback
  • Application watchdogs automatically restart application if problem exists
  • Beautiful 7" color touchscreen with super clear 800 x 400 resolution
  • Native INSTEON Control & Status
  • Virtually no limit to the number of rooms and/or scenes, devices or buttons.
  • Super-simple user interface with audible button press feedback
  • Programming from HouseLinc wireless via Wi-Fi
  • Kit includes TouchLinc, Stand, USB Drive & Wrap-around Adapter and Power Supply
How it works with HouseLinc

Use the TouchLinc properties page to add rooms, then add scenes, events and devices to your rooms. HouseLinc will suggest icons for you, but you can easily change to any one of dozens of available icons. Then choose whether you want the button to toggle between sending ons and offs, or always send on or always send off. Finally, if the button represents a device, you can set the on level, ramp rate or other applicable settings for that device.

When you are done making your selections, simply press "Save to TouchLinc" and HouseLinc will automatically find your TouchLinc on your home network and save the settings to HouseLinc wirelessly over Wi-Fi. Please note that links are pushed to all devices using INSTEON, which may take a few minutes if making lots of changes.

Here's an example of how TouchLinc communicates with INSTEON network:

What's Included
  • TouchLinc - INSTEON Wireless Touchscreen
  • INSTEON USB Stick for TouchLinc
  • Wrap-Around USB Adapter for TouchLinc
  • TouchLinc Tabletop Stand/Wall Bracket with Stylus
  • USB A to USB mini-B 5pin Adapter Cable, 6 Foot
  • TouchLinc Power Supply
  • Quick Start Guide
Manufacturer Product No. 2490C7 - TouchLinc - INSTEON Wireless Touchscreen Controller Kit
UPC 813922011500
User Interface
Max. Rooms 100+
Max. Buttons 1,000+
Max. Scenes (as controller) 256
Max. Scenes (as responder) 1,000+
Max. Devices per Scene 1,000+
Max. Links 900+
Button LEDs (virtual) Green ON
Black OFF
Yellow Unknown
Button types Toggle (default), Always ON and Always OFF
Display Screen
Screen Type LCD Active Matrix Touchscreen
Screen Size 7" diagonal
Screen Resolution 800 x 480
Processor 800MHz
Battery Internal, not changeable, 1300mA/h, DC 7.4v
Color Black, with silver trim
Mounting Handheld, Wall mount or tabletop with stand (included)
Dimensions 7.5" H x 4.5" W x .6" D
Weight 1.5 lbs
Operating Temperature Range 32 F to 104 F
Operating Humidity Range 0% - 85% relative humidity
Storage Temperature -13 F to 149 F (-25 C to 65 C)
Supply Voltage 9 Volts DC (included)
Battery life Up to 4 hours
Recharge battery from dead 3-4 hours
Certification FCC & Industry Canada
Power Supply Certification CUL
USB Port One type A (standard USB), one type B (mini USB)
Warranty year, limited (excludes battery)