Thermalright SI-128 CPU Cooler

Thermalright SI-128 CPU Cooler
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Product Description

1. Works optimally with a quiet, low RPM 120mm fan
2. Proprietary thru-holes adopted from the HR-series to increase air flow movement
3. 8mm heatpipes with high heat transfer efficiency
4. Patented support bar design preventing heatsink from deformation over time
5. Increased height of heatsink fins for better motherboard compatibility
6. Total compatibility with Intel LGA775 and AMD Socket AM2 CPUs
7. Fan blow-down design helps to cool motherboard components
  • Compatibility
    • INTEL: All Intel P4 LGA775 processors
    • AMD: Athlon64 / FX / X2 / Opteron all models
  • Heatsink Material: Aluminum