Xoxide UFO Ultimate Aluminum Cube Case (Black)

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Product Description

This Aluminum cube is the ultimate computer hardware enthusiasts dream. Do not be deceived by its huge 18" cubed size, the case is custom fabricated out of 100% aluminum and powder coated black. One simply can not ask for more room, airflow, or aesthetics. Features include a sliding motherboard tray, fully removable drive racks, full screwless design, four wheel feet for mobility, chrome switches, and more fan mounts than you can shake a stick at! The case comes with windows on the motherboard side, the ceiling of the case, and the drive bay / power supply side of the case. The full design of the case is of industrial grade aluminum, manufactured here in the USA, and is guaranteed to be the top showpiece of interest no matter where you go.

Xoxide UFO Case:
  • 18"x18"x18"
  • Micro ATX, ATX, and Extended ATX motherboard compatibility.
  • 2.0mm aluminum thickness.
  • 9 - 120mm fan holes.
  • 5 - 5.25 drives w-Removable bay.
  • 9 - Internal HDD Removable bay.
  • 12x12 in. side window cutouts.
  • 12x6 in. top window cutout.
  • Removable MOBO tray w-120mm discharge fan cutout.
  • Chrome Switches, on-off - reset.
  • Chrome LEDS, power - hdd activity.
  • All thumbscrews.
  • Stainless steel threaded inserts.
  • I/O expansion cover plates.
  • Motherboard standoffs and screws.
  • Caster Kit.
  • Rivet holes for Windows.

***Note: The case comes with everything show in the first picture below. The case includes all of the plexiglass already installed, but nothing else. No fans or other hardware are included, only the plexiglass, and holes for the fans.