Modtek USB Warming Gloves

Modtek USB Warming Gloves
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Product Description

Modtek USB Warming Gloves
Modtek USB Warming Gloves are perfect for working in adverse typing environments such as drafty office buildings, secrete illegal underground LAN parties, or even your parentís basement! Powered completely by a single USB port on your computer, the USB Warming Gloves require no addition power source or batteries.

USB Warming Gloves utilize heating pads that reside in the back of the glove, heating the blood veins on the back of your hands, allowing your blood to carry the heat to the rest of your typing digits. This is a phenomenal way to keep the blood in your fingers from coagulating into vampiric ice cubes, helping you maintain your usual high speed typing frenzy. Letís face it, nobody likes scabs in their veins, so grab a pair of Modtek USB Warming Gloves today and realize what Xoxide means when we say the heat is on!

  • Retractable mitten and full thumb cover for extra warmth
  • Powered by a single USB port
  • Comfortable woolen knit glove