24" UV Sensitive Dual Device Round IDE Cable

24" UV Sensitive Dual Device Round IDE Cable
Item# 2008a

Product Description

These are the best rounded IDE cables on the market. The wires are protected with copper aluminum mesh covered with a clear tube. The clear tube emits a sky-blue light under UV light. These cool rounded cables are a must for any systems using black lights!

Do you have a case with a window? Are you concerned about cooling in your system? Do you want your system to have a unique look? If so, these special rounded IDE cables are for you. Rounded cables look cool and take up less space then traditional 1980's style ribbon cables. Since the cables are rounded, airflow moves around them, not against them. With better airflow your system will run cooler, and possibly with better stability as cool air goes straight to your hot components like your processor and hard drive instead of being blocked. These special rounded cables have been additionally coated so that in normal light they look silver, but under a black light they glow! A must have for any system using a black light / UV cold cathode light and a case window!

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