Counter Strike UV Reactive Decal

Counter Strike UV Reactive Decal
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Product Description

New UV Reactive applique glows under UV light. Great when paired with UV cold cathodes UV LEDs and UV IDE cables.

Shortly after people started putting windows in their cases, etched windows began to show up. One of our goals here is to bring you easy to use modifications for your PC's, and our etched window appliques are a bull's-eye.

These etches can be applied to any existing window, and to any shape window, making it an easy addition to your case. And, if you want to change etches, it's as easy as taking off the old applique, cleaning the window, and reapplying the new applique.

Our etched window appliques are all approximately 7.5 inches in diameter and all come with instructions.

7.5 inches in diameter
Easy to Apply