Vantec AeroFlow VA4-C7040 AMD Heatsink

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Product Description

What is AeroFlow?
As the Intel and AMD processors expended so fast, Vantec R&D department keeps innovating new technologies to fill the market needs and provide better thermal solutions. Traditional heatsinks are designed with cross sectional fins to remove the hot air that generated from the CPU and the air flow out only from two sides of heatsink. Unlike other traditional heatsinks, the AreoFlow designed with a copper-core center to help absorbing the heat faster away from the CPU. The unique four-side aluminum fins are designed with a slope inside the heatsink. The purpose is to remove the heat smoothly from the center of heatsink. This design is to ensure hot air will be removed from each corner of the heatsink properly. It will yield a unique air circulation around the heatsink and that's the reason why it's called AeroFlow.

What is The Tip-Magnetic Driving Fan (T.M.D. Fan)?
T.M.D. motor structure requires only simple tool for single-direction winding. It not only substantially increases in the speed of production, but also avoids the defectiveness. The magnetic line of induction of T.M.D. motor is vertically directed to the permanent magnet. This optimized magnetic line of induction presents low magnetic hysteresis and results in increased torque. The assembly of T.M.D. motor to the housing applies the method of gomphosis, no need of sophisticated tools. Assembly is convenient and fast. The design of deflection ring around the tips of blades smoothly directs the airflow at straight direction. It avoids the turbulence and therefore significantly reduces the source of noise.

Why Use The Tip-Magnetic Driving Fan (T.M.D. Fan)?

Tip-Magnetic Driving Fan (T.M.D. FAN) relocates motor from traditional location of central hub to the 4 corners.
It reduces 75% of traditional motor hub area. This revolutionary breakthrough not only increases 30% of airflow and static pressure, but also brings air stream directly to the centralized heat source. As a result, T.M.D. FAN improves the efficiency of heat dissipation at least 15%.
Locating motor at 4 corners substantially expands the room for winding. Thus, lower power consumption can be easily attained. At the same time, the torque of motor becomes even much more powerful than ever.
The tips of fan blades are the main source of noise when a fan is rotating. The magnet of T.M.D. FAN surrounds along the tips of fan blades. This 'tip-magnetic' design eliminates the major noise source of an impeller and provides the suspended balancing force when impeller is rotating.

Why Choose Vantec AeroFlow CPU Cooler?
Vantec AeroFlow CPU Cooler combines the T.M.D Fan and AeroFlow Heatsink to provide you the highest quality cooling devices. T.M.D. Fan's central hub area is only 25% of traditional fan!! This enable the air stream to reach the central heat source much more directly. The overall heat dissipation is at least 15% more efficient than traditional fan. The air tracks for the CPU cooler with T.M.D. Fan reach the center of heat source and reach almost the bottom center of the heatsink to remove the heat faster! In addition, secure mounting mechanism design to fit your AMD or Intel CPU. Easy installation, no tools required.