VL System LIS 2 Premium VFD - 5.25" Silver

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Product Description

Did you ever wish you had a second monitor on your computer so you could keep tabs on your system no matter what you are doing? But how many of us want to shell out the extra cash, or even have the room on your desk for 2 monitors? Itís just too much of an inconvenience, until now. The L.I.S2 PREMIUM from VLSystem allows you to do just that in an affordable package that fits right inside a single 5.25 inch bay in your computer!

The L.I.S2 features a bright and clear blue on black VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) that can relay a variety of hardware and software information to you. Through the L.I.S Control Center software, you have the ability to manually control 4 separate fan channels, or have them automatically controlled by temperature and CPU usage monitoring, or when certain user defined programs are opened. The L.I.S Control Center software interfaces through your motherboardís existing built-in self monitoring MBM hardware to read temperatures and system information. If you have a Hyper-Threading CPU or a Dual CPU system, the L.I.S2 displays information for each processor.

The L.I.S2 Premium is a built in 20 band graphic analyzer visualization compatible with Windows Media Player and WinAmp. The L.I.S2 can notify you of incoming emails in your POP3 email accounts. It can also notify you of pending appointments in your schedule. The included CG Builder program allows you to design custom icons and designs to be displayed on your L.I.S2ís screen. So let the L.I.S2 PREMIUM from VLSystem help you conserve your hard earned cash, and much needed desk space.

  • Clear and Bright Display (VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display)
  • USB Interface (1.1 / 2.0)
  • Displays PC Hardware and Software Information
  • 4CH Automatic or Manual Fan Control
  • Supports single and dual CPU setups, and Hyper-Threading CPU
  • Compatible with MBM (Motherboard Monitoring)
  • WinAmp and Windows Media Player Visualization
  • Software features Customizable Skins
  • Control Center Software Automatic Update
  • CG Builder to design your own icons to be displayed
  • POP3 Incoming Email Check
  • Appointment Reminder and Alarm