VL System Touch One Power Switch

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Product Description

Letís face it, Qís laboratory is the Modding Valhalla, and any PC Modder would probably kill to spend 5 minutes in there. Well now you donít have to kill, because we did all the wet work for you. The TouchOne by VLSystem, is a James Bond style device that controls your computerís on/off power function by sensing the electrical impulses that run through out your body. With no moving parts to break, a simple touch of your hand triggers your computer to turn on or off. The TouchOne can be mounted virtually anywhere. This allows you to be able to disable your case switch and hide the TouchOne for added security to your system, because only you will know how to turn on your computer. So, pick up your VLSystem TouchOne before MI6 gets wise to us and sends some Double 0 agents with 'Licenses to Kill' to uh, handle the situation.

  • Comfortable on/off at just a touch
  • PC security by remote hidden switch location
  • Switch can be placed virtually anywhere
  • Elegant switch design
  • Super bright LED
  • Perfect substitute for standard PC on/off button

Note:This product is not compatible with Ultra X-Connect power supplies.