Vtech 500C Desktop Case (Black)

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Product Description

Desktop cases are great to save space and look professional. The Vtech 500C Desktop Case has three 5.25" bays, two 3.5" bays, and three 3.5" bays. The seven expansion slots on the back will last you a long time giving you the ability to add different expansion cards. This case can support ATX, Full Size, or Standard Baby size motherboards. The dimensions of this case are 425(D) x 430(W) x 155(H)mm. There is an exchangeable I/O panel that allows the chassis to match any ATX motherboard. The Vtech 500C Desktop Case also has EMI shielding designed to support FCC requirement.

Please Note: The 420 Watt Raidmax Power Supply and 500 Watt Aspire UV Reactive Power Supplies will not fit into this case due to fittings and/or space limitations. Sorry for any inconveniences, you can choose from any of the power supplies below for this case, as they will all fit properly.