Watercool - MO-RA3 4x180 PRO Black Radiator

Watercool - MO-RA3 4x180 PRO Black Radiator
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Product Description

Watercool - MO-RA3 4x180 PRO Black Radiator
The MO-RA3 represents an uncompromising improvement of the successful MO-RA2. Its cooling performance has been increased, even above that of the powerful predecessor. More than 28 meters of tubing and 2.5 square meters of fins speak for themselves. The cooling fluid now flows in a four-time parallel layout through 72 tubes. The fins of the MO-RA3 have been optimized specifically for low-rpm fans. Their enormous surface and effective geometry guarantee excellent cooling performance.

The highly parallel layout and the new flow-optimized connection block ensure a low flow-resistance, despite the large size of the heat-exchanger. The connection block improves flexibility as well by providing G1/4" threads in three directions. Integrated M3 threads allow mounting of up to four 180 mm fans per side. Additional threads are integrated for accessories.

The MO-RA3 is shipped ready to use. This includes G1/4" sealing plugs for unused threads, screws for fans, and spacers for mounting it onto a case. The modular accessories of the Mo-RA3 allow for easy customization. Select from various grills, fan controllers, feet, and external mounting brackets.

The MO-RA3 is produced in Europe. Development and final assembly happen in Germany, like the manufacturing of most of its components.

  • Material: Copper (tubes), aluminum (fins), powder-coated Steel (black), stainless steel
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 415.5 x 383.0 x 65.0 mm
  • Weight: approx. 6000 g
  • Pressure tested: 5 bar
  • Threads: 6x G " (DIN ISO 228-1)
  • 1x MO-RA3 4x180 PRO
  • 4x Screw Plug G "
  • 4x Spacers M4x20 mm
  • 1x Screw kit for fans (32 screws)
  • 1x Manual