White Super Multifunction Panel

White Super Multifunction Panel
Item# MR999W
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Product Description

  • The Transfer Panel suit for 5.25" Bay of PC.
  • The panel transfers the interface of USB Audio, Game and IEEE 1394 Port from back of PC to front panel.
  • There is a blue back light in LCD.
  • Monitoring 2 spot Temperature and 2 sets Fan Speed at same time in PC.
  • Alarm system for over temperature and low speed fan.
  • If panel install at 5.25"bay of PC, there are inside space for 3.5" HDD or 8cm cooling fan.
  • The features of this panel such as multi-function, easy installation and convenient to user will make your PC brighten and colorful.
  • 80mm cooling fan will keep the panel stable
  • LCD Display Functions
  • Monitor 2 sets of fan speed and temperature at same time.
  • Alarm system work for over temperature and low speed fan.
  • Range of alarm system can be setting easily.
  • Working range: 40 oC ~ 80 oC; 1000rpm ~ 5000rpm.
  • LCD with super bright light.