Xoxide World Famous X-Hour is Back

X-Hour is back by popular demand!

1 Hour.
60 Minutes.
3600 Seconds.
That is how long you have to take advantage of one of the best deals on the internet. We call it…the X-Hour.

The X-Hour has been hailed by some to be the most incredible event of their lives. Others have said that the X-Hour is the only reason that they continue to live. Now you can experience one of the highest discounts on a single product on the internet. For one hour every week, we run a sale on a different product guaranteed to be lower than anyone else. Products offered in the past have been cases, lights, power supplies and many other modding accessories all at up to 80% off.

Write it down on your calendar. Tie a ribbon around your finger. Tape a note to your pet. Do whatever it takes to remember to go to www.Xoxide.com at the specified time. We will save you money. All that you have to do is show up.

Next X-Hour
Sunday February 21, 9:00 – 10:00pm EST

The Entire Xoxide.com Team