WireMate Cable Organizer - Black

WireMate Cable Organizer - Black
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Product Description

WireMate Cable Organizer - Black

Everyone hates the dreaded cobweb of cables that sits behind your desk, connecting your devices. Whether you're at home or at the office, WireMate keeps your cables in check and never lets them get out of line. 
The patented multi purpose radically simple "no more mess" WireMate cable and wire management solution for computer workstations, entertainment centers, media rooms and endless other applications!

Prevents accidents, trip hazards, toddler and pet entanglements
Eliminates wire tangles and clutter
Neatly conceals excess wires of varying thickness and contributes to a clean work space
Adding or removing wires is a breeze
Simplifies set-up, cleaning and relocations

Protects vulnerable wires, connections and costly equipment
Reduces accidental power disruptions and downtime
Protects wires from liquid spills
Discourages tampering of configuration components
Durable and lightweight high-impact precision molded resin for indoor/outdoor applications

Innovative ergonomic compact design optimizes storage capacity to 12-18 wires
Saves floor space and reduces allergen accumulation on wires
Stores extra wire for configuration modifications and upgrades
Easily mounts to any flat surface such as a wall, desk side, configuration component or remains free standing
Prevents workplace personal injuries and lawsuits caused by dangling and chaotic wires
No assembly, easy set-up, mounting materials includes 3M double sided self-adhesive strips and screws. The strips work with all applications

Actual color is black.