Wolf King - Timber Wolf Ultimate USB Gaming Keyboard

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Product Description

Maybe you are a super 1337 RoxXxoRz SoxXxoRz gamer who wants a little insurance to help pad the gap between first place and the first looser (second place). Maybe you are a sick fool that is always seeking new toys to help make your friends realize that you are far superior to them. Or maybe you are just a gamer that wants to take his ordinary gaming skills to extraordinary.

Whatever the case, the Wolf King Timber Wolf Gaming Keyboard is an all out assault weapon designed to deliver advanced battlefield superiority to FPS (First Person Shooter) Gamers. The Timber Wolf encourages lightening quick, deadly accurate movement to give you an edge on your adversaries.

At first glance, you will notice the Timber Wolf does not feature the standard num-pad found on ordinary document formatting boards. Instead, a far more useful pad to real gamers is located on the far left of the keyboard. This circular pad contains 40 ergonomically designed essential gaming keys for hardcore FPS gaming enthusiasts all within a palm’s reach.

The Timber Wolf Circle is based around the WASD movement keys found in all of today’s most popular FPS games. Even games that feature other factory programmed movement keys can be configured to use this pad, as long as they feature key mapping.

This keyboard will have your enemies begging for mercy and will allow you to give a new meaning to the cliché, rubbing it in. To sum it up, the Timber Wolf Gaming Keyboard from Wolf King is the virtual equivalent of removing your enemies skin with 20-grit sand paper and then tenderly massaging their wounds with a mixture of rock salt and habanera pepper paste.

  • Ultimate keyboard for FPS gamers
  • Innovative integrated keyboard for gaming and general purpose usage
  • Unique ergonomic key area offers faster and easier operation
  • Highly flexible 3 layer silicon enable keys to operate silently
  • Compatible with Windows 98, 2000, Me, and XP
  • Eight internet hot keys