X-Ray Thunder 8 Mouse Pad - Black

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Product Description

A storm is coming. Are you ready? The Thunder 8 mousing surface from X-Ray will allow you to blow ferociously past you competitors like hurricane force winds.

The Thunder 8 features a dual surface mousing area that sits on a solid ABS base. The smooth surface is optimized for situations where speed is essential, like fast paced FPS games, and as an everyday surface for ball mice. The opposite side is textured for precision environments like RPG and RTS games, graphic editing, and for enhanced optical mouse performance.

The bottom of the ABS base features 10 silicone rubber feet that anchor your pad to your desk for rock solid stability. A removable enhanced cord clip keeps corded mice in check, so you are never caught in a snag. So get ready to move your mouse fast as lightning with the Thunder 8 from X-Ray!

Features & Specifications
  • Dimensions: 11.44 x 9.3 x 1/6
  • ABS Base: Super Thin, Durable, Washable
  • Double Sided Surface: Smooth / Textured
  • Lift Hole: Flip the Surface and Change Sides with Ease
  • Rubber Feet: High Quality Silicone Rubber to Prevent Movement During Use
  • Tin Packaging: Looks Cool and Keeps Pad Safe
  • Enhanced Cord Clip: Keeps Cord Out of The Way