X-500 Aluminum Mid-Tower

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Product Description

The X500 features 1.0mm anodized aluminum alloy, which is resistant to fingerprints and dust. Fingerprints, as you know, leave oil which can tarnish unprotected surfaces such as aluminum. The anodizing also does an excellent job of resisting scratches.

The display and backlight are powered even when your computer is turned off. The circular shaped display is extremely attractive and has two basic display modes as well as displaying HDD activity and power status. The first of the display modes is time display.

The second mode is temperature, which comes to you courtesy of a contact thermal probe which is supplied with the X500. The LCD display also displays small icons for HDD activity and power status for your machine. Further below the display the power and reset buttons are located. The Power button is lit up blue to match the LCD and the HDD activity light is nicely incorporated into the reset button, which flashes red with disk activity.

The motorized bay door is one of the best features on this case. The door is made of translucent plastic and when the button on the top right of the bezel is pressed, slides down almost silently to expose the optical drive bays. When down, the drive bays are exposed completely and the LCD display and power/reset buttons are covered. The blue glow from the display still can be seen through to door when down, due to its translucence. “Wait a second”, you might think, “if I shut down my computer with the door down, I can’t get at the power button to turn it back on!” Wrong, a second hidden power button is provided behind the flip-down front panel in case you forgot to move the door up before you shutdown last.


-Material: 1.0 mm anodized Aluminum Alloy resisting dust & fingerprint.
-Coating: Hardness scale 3, protecting from scratch
-Front Jacks: USB version 2.0, Microphone, earphone, IEEE1394
-Fans: Two 80 mm rear exhaust fans, One optional front 80mm intake fan.
-Drive Bays: 4 x 5.25” (external), 2 x 3.5” (external), & 4 x 3.5” (internal)
-Expansion Slots: 7 slots with screwdriver-free thumbscrews
-Motherboard: ATX or Micro ATX
-Dimension: 7.9” (W) x 16.2” (H) x 19.3” (D)


-LCD Module Display: LCD displays time, temperature, and HDD/system status.
-Motor-Driven Door: Translucent Plexiglas bay door driven by the motor-gear module for external 5.25” bays. Keep the style of the system even with 5.25” peripherals in different bezel colors.
-Luminescent Backlight: Power button & LCD display with luminescent backlight glow in the dark.
-Always-On Power: LCD display, motor-driven door, and luminescent backlight with the power from VSB output keep working even system is off.
-Temperature Sensor: 23” long wire probe, placed anywhere in the enclosure. Front I/O Ports: Front USB 2.0, Microphone, Earphone, & IEEE1394 ports for easy access.