XCM Xbox 360 Hot Rock Case /w HDMI Port

XCM Xbox 360 Hot Rock Case /w HDMI Port
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Product Description

XCM Xbox 360 Hot Rock Case /w HDMI Port
Offering both a stylish new look and dependable cooling performance, the XCM Xbox 360 Hot Rock Case is great way to start modding your home gaming console. Boasting a variety of cool colors, the XCM Xbox 360 Hot Rock Case features a built-in LED temperature system that will change the illumination color depending on the temperature of the case.

This stylish design also works as a Warning Feature, as well. For example, if your Xbox 360 console’s temperature reaches over 48 degree Celsius, the internal LED will display a “RED” color and begin flashing. This particular feature will alert the user to turn off the console and check for any internal cooling issues.

This full-sized case is sure to be an excellent replacement to your original XBox 360, with a clear design that will allow you to fully show off the inner-workings of your console. Incredibly easy to install, this gorgeous XCM Hot Rocks Case comes with top and bottom panels, faceplate, DVD eject button and tray bezel, both end caps (and bay covers), and the XCM Xbox 360 case opening tool.

  • Built-in LED Temperature System
  • Gorgeous Illuminated Colors (Changes Depending on System Temperature)
  • Flashing LED Warning Feature - Warns User of Possible Internal Issues
  • Easy to Install
Package Includes:
  • Top & Bottom Panels
  • 360 Faceplate
  • DVD Eject Button & Tray Bezel
  • End Caps (w/ Bay Cover)
  • XCM Xbox 360 Case Opening Tool
Color Spectrum:
  • Below 29℃ (84.2 F) - Orange Light
  • 30-31℃(86-87.8F) - Purple light
  • 32-35 ℃(89.6-95 F) - Light blue light
  • 36-39℃(96.8-102.2F) - Green light
  • 40-43℃ (104-109.4F) - Blue light
  • 44-47℃(111.2-116.6F) - Red Light
  • Over 48℃(118.4F) - Flashing Red Light

NEW! This case now comes with a built-in HDMI port!

Xoxide Zach says - You mod your computer, why not your game console? I love seeing the looks on my friends’ faces when they come over to splitscreen!