XBOX 360 RROD Repair EssentialsKit

XBOX 360 RROD Repair EssentialsKit
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Product Description

XBRdepot XBOX 360 RROD Repair Kit Essentials Line Contents:
  • 1 Bag of hardware - 8 precision screws, 32 precision washers
  • 1g premium silver thermal compound with thermal conductivity 3.8 W/m-K
  • 4 x thermally conductive RAM pads
  • 2 x ANA/HANA Southbridge heatsinks
  • Torx T8H and T10 screwdrivers
  • 1 GPU shim and 1 CPU shim

  • The following bonus items:
    Detailed step-by-step e-manual and repair support
This XBOX 360 repair kit meets and exceeds Xecuter PRO II RROD kit. With all of the most important accessories, we have applied our expertise from extensive research and product development into RROD kits with superior products. The result is the most effective line of kits available at an outstanding price.

This kit has everything you will need to take apart the XBOX completely. The hardware and mods are easy to install. The ultra low-profile screws featured in each of our hardware hits are unique for not pressing against the outer shell when installed. Every other manufacture claims that their kits do not require drilling, yet they ship their products with screws that will flex and warp your board because they do not fit inside the XBOX. Unless you're using our screws with 2mm thick head you should drill your case to avoid failure from the XBOX board flexing and cracking the solder joints.

Our essential set of 4 RAM pads will keep your RAM cool under the most demanding graphics, and each is 25% thicker for better conformance, and heat reduction. Their added thickness is effective in curing more RAM errors than any other market alternative. The set of aluminum heatsinks can be used on the ANA chip to fix prevent E74, or to cool a number of other chips as desired. The CPU and GPU foam shims complete the kit, and help equalize pressure on the chips for added effectiveness.

Buying these essential parts for fixing RROD separately would easily cost 2-3 times as much. Treat your wallet and your XBOX well with this outstanding value. The cooling mods and highly effective hardware treatment will support your XBOX for years to come.
*Note copper heatsink is pictures, but product now includes aluminum.

Manual here.