XCM PS3 Cyberbot Case

XCM PS3 Cyberbot Case
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Product Description

XCM PS3 Cyberbot Case
Providing a detailed look inside your home gaming console, the XCM PS3 Cyberbot Case is built to show you all the inner workings of your PS3. This durable acrylic case comes with all the pieces you need to successfully mod your PlayStation 3.

Sure to be an excellent replacement to your original PS3, the smoky-clear design of the XCM PS3 Cyberbot Case will allow you to show off the inner workings of your console. Usually, the shell of the console is clear but the Blu-Ray drive is still covered. The XCM Cyberbot Case comes with a crystal DVD-ROM cover that makes it completely transparent.

  • See-Through Case Design
  • Simple to Install
  • Compatible with PS3 Slim
Package Includes:
  • Replacement Case
  • Clear Casing for the Blu-Ray drive