XCM PS3 Cyberchrome Case

XCM PS3 Cyberchrome Case
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Product Description

You just can't go wrong with chrome. Whether it's bad-ass rims on the side of a Mustang or vintage robot from a bad 1950's sci-fi film, chrome looks cool no matter where you place it. And it looks ESPECIALLY cool when it's decked out all over your PlayStation 3.

This Full Chrome XCM PS3 Case is destined to be the new centerpiece of your dorm room, basement, or home entertainment center. Incredibly easy to install, this gorgeous Chrome Case comes with everything (but a screwdriver) you'll need to give yourself the sweetest PS3 on the block. Loaded with style and extremely durable, the Chrome XCM PS3 Case is the perfect case to begin your first experiment in console modification.

  • Gorgeous Chrome Design
  • Well Crafted & Extremely Durable
  • Easy to Install
  • Compatible with PS3 Slim