XCM Wii Hot Rock Case

XCM Wii Hot Rock Case
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Product Description

Offering both a stylish new look and dependable cooling performance, the XCM Wii Hot Rock Case is great way to start modding your home gaming console. Boasting a variety of cool colors, the XCM Wii Hot Rock Case features a built-in LED temperature system that will change the illumination color depending on the temperature of the case.

This stylish design also works as a Warning Feature, as well. For example, if your Wii console’s temperature reaches over 55 degrees Celsius, the internal LED will display a “RED” color and begin flashing. This particular feature will alert the user to turn off the console and check for any internal cooling issues.

This full-sized case is sure to be an excellent replacement to your original Wii, with a clear design that will allow you to fully show off the inner-workings of your console. Incredibly easy to install, this gorgeous XCM Hot Rock Case comes with everything you need to give yourself the sweetest Wii on the block!

  • Built-in LED Temperature System
  • Gorgeous Illuminated Colors (Changes Depending on System Temperature)
  • Flashing LED Warning Feature - Warns User of Possible Internal Issues
  • Easy to Install
  • Includes opening tool and matching stand
Color Spectrum:
  • Below 29 c : Light blue
  • 30-35 c : Blue
  • 36-40 c : Green
  • 41-45c : Yellow
  • 46-50 c : Orange
  • 51-54 c : Red
  • Over 55 c : Red light flashing