XCM Xbox 360 Case - Halo Green

XCM Xbox 360 Case - Halo Green
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Product Description

Are you a console gamer who cares about the environment, but also REALLY likes to blow stuff up? Then we recommend going green...Halo style. Available in the signature colors of your favorite First Person Shooter, this XCM Xbox 360 Case is gorgeous console mod that would make Master Chief green with envy (if he wasn't already, that is).

This full-sized case is sure to be the perfect replacement to your original XBox 360, and allows you to fully show off the inner-workings of the console. Incredibly easy to install, this gorgeous Halo Green Case comes with cases come with top and bottom panels, faceplate, DVD eject button and tray bezel, both end caps (and bay covers), and the XCM Xbox 360 case opening tool. Well crafted and loaded with intergalactic style, the Halo Green XCM Xbox 360 Case is the perfect case to begin your first experiment in console modification.

  • Inspired by Halo Series
  • Green Tinted See-Through Design
  • Easy to Install
Package Includes:
  • Top & Bottom Panels
  • 360 Faceplate
  • DVD Eject Button & Tray Bezel
  • End Caps (w/ Bay Cover)
  • XCM Xbox 360 Case Opening Tool