XCM Supreme wireless Xbox shell (Chrome/Red)

XCM Supreme wireless Xbox shell (Chrome/Red)
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Product Description

XCM Supreme wireless Xbox shell (Chrome/Red)

Redesigned and optimized to deliver outstanding playability, the XCM Supreme wireless shell comes equipped with an ultra-large D-Pad that allows your thumb more room to move while in use. This incredible new feature will prevent players from accidentally hit their controls in the wrong D-Pad direction while trying to access something else (something many of us have suffered with for a long time). This feature is incredibly useful when switching weapons on shooters like Gears of War and Call of Duty. Plus, it now includes build in rapid-fire!

In addition to it's innovative functionality and control, the XCM Supreme wireless shell is easy to install, and features a stylish look with vivid LEDs on the face buttons AND the analog sticks! Maybe you'll even catch a glimpse of your giddy expression in the chrome exterior as you zoom in and take aim for a headshot.

New feature :
  1. New guide key
  2. Adds Rapid Fire (turbo) to two triggers.. (No need to cut off the Multiple traces on PCB, only 5 points to solder ,very easy to install)
  3. Eight different LED thumbstick to choose from. (Blue/Green/Red/Yellow/White/Purple/Pink/Lime)

Note: This is not a full controller. This is a mod for your existing controller.

Installation Guide: