XCM Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Shell w/ New D-Pad & 2 LED Sticks - Crystal w/ Yellow LEDs

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Product Description

Redesigned and optimized to deliver outstanding playability, the XCM Xbox 360 Wireless Control Pad Shell comes equipped with an ultra-large D-Pad that allows your thumb more room to move while in use. This incredible new feature will prevent players from accidentally hit their controls in the wrong D-Pad direction while trying to access something else (something many of us have suffered with for a long time). This feature is incredibly useful when switching weapons on shooters like Gears of War and Call of Duty.

In addition to it's innovative functionality and control, the XCM Xbox 360 Wireless Control Pad Shell is easy to install, and features a stylish look with vivid LEDs on the face buttons AND the analog sticks!

  • Easy to Install Controller Mod (requires simple soldering to connect the LEDs)
  • Stylish Design
  • Super-Sized D-Pad (Make less mistakes when switching over your weapons)