MGE Sidewinder Computer Case Blue w/ 400W PSU - 'CA-SIDEWINDER-B'

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Product Description

Case includes 400 Watt MGE Power Supply!

The world’s most effective air-to-air missile is the AIM-9 Sidewinder Missile, striking fear into rival air forces hearts for decades. Now you can strike fear into the hearts of your friends and enemies with the XG Sidewinder by MGE. The Sidewinder features a massive air-cooling solution with an 80/90/120mm fan port on the back of the case, 1 80mm or 120mm on the front, and 2 80mm fan ports on the side panel of the case. The 2 ports on the side of the case below the large window are already mounted with blue quad LED fans, and the rest of the ports can be filled with your choice of fan. The case itself is coated with a quality high gloss paint that you can see your own reflection in. Convenient ports on the side give easy access to Firewire, USB 2.0, Speaker, and Mic jacks. So rocket into your next LAN party with the Sidewinder case from MGE


  • 5.25” Bays: 4
  • 3.5” Bays: 2 Exposed, 4 Hidden
  • 80mm Fan Capacity: 2
  • 120mm, 90mm, or 80mm Optional Rear Fan Capacity
  • 120mm, or 80mm Optional Front Fan Capacity
  • Sidewinder Acrylic Window
  • Sidewinder Blue “Dual Silent Fan”
  • Power Cable Included
  • High Speed I/O Ports: Firewire (IEEE1394), USB 2.0
  • Speaker and Mic Jacks
  • Advanced Air Flow Chassis System
  • Lighted Chrome XG Logo
  • High Gloss Paint Finish
  • Aggressive SIDEWINDER ATX Design
  • Dimensions: 199 x 474 x 438mm, 7 7/8' x 18 7/8' x 16 15/16' (W x D x H)
Power Supply Specifications

  • Total Power Output: 400W
  • +3.3V: 28A
  • +5V: 40A
  • -5V: 0.3A
  • +12V: 17A
  • -12V: 0.8A
  • +5V SB: 0.8A
  • Power Input: 115/230V ~ 50/60Hz
  • Total Power On: +3.3V & +5V 220W Maximum

*Case pictured with optional blue cold cathode illumination.