Xigmatek - AIO Liquid Cooling System S80DP

Xigmatek - AIO Liquid Cooling System S80DP
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Product Description

Xigmatek - AIO Liquid Cooling System S80DP
The all-in-one liquid cooling system combines all of the key components we need into an integrative one, without tedious assemblage, users can have cooling ability with high capacity and efficiency. Combines with radiator, pump, water block and cooling fan, the looks of all-in-one liquid cooling system is just like a single cooler which has the same installation steps with others.

  • Much smaller - all-in-one liquid cooling system design
  • More silent - silent and powerful mini 12V pump with high reliability
  • More powerful - dual high performance radiator with a silent PWM fan provides more cooling performance.
  • Uses 12V connection from computer power supply.
  • Coolant pre-filled, 30,000 hours of maintenance free from liquid refilling.
  • Universal retention module design achieves maximum cooling performance at any mounted angle & platform.
Product Name AIO-S80DP
Product Number AIO-S80DP-U1
Dimension 121(L) x 114(W) x 128(H) mm
Water Block Material Copper
Dimension 70(L) x 54(W) x 14(H) mm
Radiator Material Aluminum
Dimension 80(L) x 88.7(W) x 22(H) mm
Fan Dimension 80(L) x 80(W) x 25(H) mm
Voltage Rating 12V
Input Current 0.12~0.42 A
Speed 1200~3200 R.P.M. (10%)
Bearing Type Ball Bearing
Air Flow 27.68~52.72 CFM
Air Pressure 1.84~5.56 mmH2O
Life Expectance 50,000 hrs
Noise Level 16~28 dBA
Connector 4 Pin (PWM Ready)
Voltage Rating 12V
Pump Input Current 0.3 A
Speed 3100 R.P.M.
Bearing Type Ceramics Shaft
Water Flow 72 L/hr
Water Pressure 1.2 M
Life Expectance 50000 hrs
Noise Level 19 dBA
Connector 3pin
Net Weight 840 g
Thermal Resistance 0.21~0.38 C/W
Application Socket 478/754/939/940/LGA775/AM2
Intel Pentium 4 Processor / Extreme Edition
Intel Pentium D Processor
Intel Celeron / Celeron D Processor
AMD Athlon 64 / 64 FX / 64 X2 Dual-core
AMD Sempron