Xilence 92mm Red Wing Case Fan w/PWM

Xilence 92mm Red Wing Case Fan w/PWM
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Product Description

Xilence 92mm Red Wing Case Fan w/PWM
If you're a modder who demands the most efficient cooling inside your PC, the Xilence 92mm Red Wing Case Fan w/ PWM Technology is a perfect way to kick your machine into high gear.

Sure to deliver optimum performance, this 92mm fan from Xilence is built to seriously cool down your current system while providing an extremely low noise level. Thanks to it's impressive pulse width modulation (PWM), the fan can run at the speed necessary for different temperature levels. This will allow your PC to run quicker at high temperatures and slower when the temperatures are low.

Dimensions: 92 x 92 x 25mm Air Flow: 31.12 CFM
Speed: 1800 RPM +/- 10% Noise: 19 dB
Connector: Small 4-Pin Bearing Type: Hydro Bearing

  • Fan Color: Black, Red
  • Dimensions: 92 x 92 x 25 mm
  • Fan Speed: 1800 RPM +/- 10% (max)
  • Max. Air Flow: 31.12 CFM
  • Bearing Type: Hydro Bearing
  • Noise Level: 19 dB
  • Power Input: 1.20 W
  • Rated Voltage: 12 VDC
  • Operating Voltage: 10.8~13.2 VDC
  • Starting Voltage: 7 VDC
  • Rated Current: 0,09 A ±10%
  • Weight: 91g
  • Connector: Small 4pin
  • Lead ´Wire: ~350 mm
  • Approvals: CE