Thermaltake XJog USB Fan with Blue LED Light

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Product Description

Stay as cool as possible with the Thermaltake XJog USB fan with a blue LED light. The Thermaltake XJog USB fan is ideal for notebook users, LAN gamers, or anyone using a PC in low-light environment. The compact design makes storing it a breeze by fitting easily into your briefcase, backpack, or LAN bag. Just in case you are a bit accident proned, the fan blades are made of a soft material, to prevent injury. The Thermaltake XJog USB fan also offers a flexible neck and a quiet motor, so that you don't disturb others. The blue LED light has an on/off switch, and the whole product has a power saving design. So stay cool, because let's face it...a warm geek, is a bad geek.

Dimension (length) 455 mm Connector USB A Type 4M
Input Voltage USB 5v Material PVC and aluminum alloy
Weight 145 g LED Working Power 250mW
LED Connector USB A TYPE 4 M LED Input Voltage USB 5V
Fan Input Current 90mA (maximum) Fan Working Power 250mW
Fan Speed 2500rpm   

Thermaltake XJog USB Fan with Blue LED Light

Out of the darkness, a blue beam of hope shines bright. Ooh, soft fan blades.
Turn the light off, to save power. Light on...light off.
The tubing is very flexible on most issues. Light up your sytem, and your life!
Stay cool under pressure. Stay cool and out of the dark, while on the go.