Xoxide X-Turbine (Black)

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Product Description

Our new X-Turbine case is an exclusive Xoxide.com model, produced only for our customers. It features a see-through metal mesh front grille, with two blue LED fans behind it. The end effect is stunning and aggressive. The airflow of the case is powered by six total cooling fans, making for a low case temperature, and a great start for low CPU and other component temperatures. The case features front mounted (behind a hidden door) USB and firewire connections.

Please note that the case does not include the lights inside the case as shown in the picture. The case is being lit with a dual blue cold cathode light, which are options below. The front Two LED blue fans ARE included with the case though.

Case Specifications:
Dimensions: 200 x 480 x 430mm (W,D,H)
Drive bays: 11 Total: (4)5.25" (2)3.5" (5)3.5 Hidden"
M/B Type: ATX
Fans: 4 x 80mm Fans, 2 x 80mm LED fans

Please Note: The 420 Watt Raidmax Power Supply and 500 Watt Aspire UV Reactive Power Supplies will not fit into this case due to fittings and/or space limitations. Sorry for any inconveniences, you can choose from any of the power supplies below for this case, as they will all fit properly.