Xoxide Affiliate Program - Have Traffic? Earn Cash!

Xoxide.com Affiliate Program

Xoxide has joined with LinkConnector.com to offer a commission based incentive program to our affiliates. Our partnership with LinkConnector.com provides affiliates with state-of-the-art tracking and reporting on their campaigns.

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How it works

Affiliates registered through LinkConnector post links to Xoxide on their websites. The links may be directed towards specific product pages, sections, or the home page.

Affiliates earn 8.00% on any revenue generated from customers that they forward to Xoxide. The 8% commission is paid on orders placed within five days of clicking the affiliates link to Xoxide.

Affiliates joining our program through LinkConnector will be paid on the 20th of each month.

The best thing about LinkConnector technology is that any link can be credited to an affiliates account. There are no special tracking codes that need to placed in the links for them to be credited. There are tracking codes on all of Xoxide pages that classify which affiliate the links come from and LinkConnector credits the proper affiliate for their revenue generated. Therefore affiliates can use natural linking techniques when linking to Xoxide.com

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Once you become an Xoxide Affiliate you become part of the 'Xoxide News' Network. As part of the network you will receive periodic notices of large Xoxide Sales and promotional events, including rebates, clearance sales, etc. This 'News' will include a full description, links and HTML necessary for posting this information on ones website. 'Xoxide News' provides our affiliates with news of these special events ahead of time. We hope that by providing affiliates with this information early they will have ample time to report the news to their viewers and in turn create more sales.

LinkConnector offers a great backend system for affiliates. As an affiliate you will be able to track clicks that you send to us and of course sales that are generated from these clicks. Overall the system is very easy to use. LinkConnector also offers information on getting the best results for affiliates and a newsletter for those who are interested.

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For the best results we recommend linking to specific sections and product pages. We have noted that customers are more likely to purchase if they click a link that goes directly to a product or small group of products that they are looking for.

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Review Sites

Get paid for links that you already have going to Xoxide.com from reviews and news. Continue to post reviews provided by us, and news of our upcoming events and continue to earn commission. We even help you keep on top of the news that your readers are looking for by e-mailing important information with ample time for you to post it. The Xoxide Affiliate Program is a no brainer, at the very least earn commission for things you’re already doing.

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Feel free to contact our affiliate team with any additional questions you may have at affiliates@xoxide.com.