Xoxide Xtreme Heater Core Radiator Kit w/ hardware - Black (3/8 & 1/2in)

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Product Description

If your system is running some serious watercooled hardware, your average run of the mill watercooling radiator just may not cut the cheese. Xoxide's Xtreme Heater Core Radiator Kit includes everything you need to integrate the power of a Heater Core Radiator into your watercooling system. It includes a HUGE dual pass heater core that is large enough to mount two 120mm fans of your choice to it. The heater core measures 12" x 5 5/8" x 2" (L x W x H).

Templates for mounting the radiator externally outside the case and internally (if you have room) are both included. All mounting hardware is included, you just simply have to add two 120mm fans of your choice and fan grills and you are on your way to massive heat dissipation!

For the ULTIMATE cooling power and noise reduction add two AeroCool Streamliner 140mm fans below!

NOTE: Radiator may come with slight dents/bends in fins, but this in no way adversely affects the performance of the radiator. Fins may be reshaped with a small tool such as a screwdriver.