Xoxide's "Hyper-Awareness" LAN Party Pack

Xoxide's "Hyper-Awareness" LAN Party Pack
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Product Description

We sincerely hope you don't have plans for sleep anytime soon, because you ain't gettin' any. This Deluxe "Hyper Awareness" Party Pack from Xoxide is guaranteed to keep your eyes peeled, your nerves wired, and your brain on high alert.

Oh, and if you start to see any pink elephants or bunnies wearing top hats, tell 'em we said "hi" (and that we didn't forget about that 5 bucks they owe us).

The Hyper-Awareness Party Pack Includes:
  • 2 x Cocaine Energy Drinks
  • 1 x Pack of Foosh Energy Mints
  • 2 x Icy Mint Jolt Gum (12 Piece Pack)
  • 2 x Rip It Energy Fuel
  • 1 x Caffeinated Soap
  • 1 x Blow Drink Mix
Cold Weather Alert: Due to the cold temperatures of the winter months, customers have been experiencing exploding Bawls. We at Xoxide are very concerned for the safety of our customers and do not wish for their Bawls to freeze. We recommend that if the ambient temperature of your area is at or below freezing, that you refrain from ordering carbonated caffeine beverages during this time. Customers who wish to place orders for these products may do so at their own risk. Neither Xoxide nor UPS will replace, refund, or process any claims for injured Bawls or any other caffeine beverage during this time.