Xoxide X-Hurricane (White)

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Product Description

Our new exclusive Xoxide Hurricane case may not look like anything special from the outside, but on the inside, this case has more airflow than any model on our website. The Hurricane was built with only one goal in mind - Case airflow.

It is obvious we went the full nine yards, when you realize there are 9 case cooling fans fitted inside the case. Four 80mm front intake fans pull air from the front bezel, which is designed with slots to allow good flow into the case. The side and top panels of the case are machine stamped, and fitted with three 92mm cooling fans. The rear of the case is stamped with two 80mm cooling fans, each with chrome finger guards for the best possible airflow. This case however boasts more than just a massive number of cooling fans, as we know this is not the only thing that matters when it comes to proper design. We cut the regular chassis mounted grills for the fans, and replaced them with chrome guards where applies. This greatly improves air movement over traditional designs. The bezel is also fitted with two front USB connections, so your hands don't need to near any of the many dangerous spinning components, ... just kidding.

Case Specifications:

200 x 480 x 430mm (W,D,H)

Drive bays: 11 Total: (4)5.25' (2)3.5' (5)3.5 Hidden'
M/B Type: ATX
Fans: 6 x 80mm Fans, 3 x 92mm Fans