XPSC X2O 750 Dual Bayres/Pump v4 Black

XPSC X2O 750 Dual Bayres/Pump v4  Black
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XPSC X2O 750 Dual Bayres/Pump v4  Black
After nearly a year of development we are proud to release the latest version of our X2O 750 pump, the V4. The acrylic reservoir has been replaced by a tough nylon reservoir with four brass M3 threads on each side. On the front of the reservoir the viewing window now sits flush with the beautifully finished, brushed aluminium faceplate, and the screws are now black to match the faceplate.

On the back of the reservoir we have added a spare G1/4? port which can be used for a temperature sensor, or draining the system. We have also added a better the LED holder and improved the fill cap seal with a high quality thick o-ring.

The improvements are not just on the outside. We have fully overhauled the 750 pump with a new impeller, ceramic shaft, ceramic sleeve, a more stable magnetic field, and improved electronic components. These changes improve performance, improve reliability, reduce noise, and increase the lifespan of the pump.

Our most popular water pump just got even better!
  • Pump Performance: 750 lph
  • Head Delivery: 1.8m
  • Low Noise, Low Vibration (42dB Max)
  • Voltage: 12V (4pin molex)
  • Tough Nylon Reservoir
  • Dimensions: 149 x 86.5 x 103 mm
  • Brushed Aluminium Faceplate
  • Brass Screw Threads
  • G1/4? Threads
  • Individually Pressure Tested
  • 1x 5mm LED Hole
  • Capacity 625ml
Maximum water temperature: 50C

Supplied with black faceplate, 8x M3,4mm screws, G1/4? Plug, and blue LED.