Y.S. TECH Tip-Magnetic Driving Fan Cooler

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Product Description

Y.S. TECH Tip-Magnetic Driving Fan (T.M.D. FAN) relocates motor from traditional location of central hub to the 4 corners.

It reduces 75% of traditional motor hub area. This revolutionary breakthrough not only increases 30% of airflow and static pressure, but also brings air stream directly to the centralized heat source. As a result, T.M.D. FAN improves the efficiency of heat dissipation at least 15%.


Locating motor at 4 corners substantially expands the room for winding. Thus, lower power consumption can be easily attained. At the same time, the torque of motor becomes even much more powerful than ever.


As known, the tips of fan blades are the main source of noise when a fan is rotating. The magnet of T.M.D. FAN surrounds along the tips of fan blades. This "tip-magnetic" design eliminates the major noise source of an impeller and provides the suspended balancing force when impeller is rotating.

This 70x70x15mm Fan is mounted on a special P4 478 Heatsink /w Copper base to produce great performance.

Fan Specs:
RPM: 4500 (-/+ 10%)
Voltage: DC 12V
Rated Current: 0.19A
Power consumption: 2.28W
Airflow: 29.6CFM
Noise Level: 33 dBa
MTBF: 80000Hrs