Z-40 Storm

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Product Description

The newly redesigned Z-40 offers even more cooling than our previous model. The case itself offers much better airflow and we have included better fan options. For those who want extreme performance without all the flashy features, this case is for you. It comes with a total of 7 high output Y.S. Tech fans and total a whopping 309.5 CFM.

We have upgraded the side intake fans to 92mm fans from the 80mm. These fans move much more air without significantly increasing noise which everyone is sure to appreciate. The top exhuast is a standard 80mm fan. The side intake fans not only draw in the desirable cold air, they blow it over the important components of your system.

The top mounted fan reduces the heat inside the case significantly by releasing all the heat that gets trapped at the top of the case. 

The two rear mounted exhaust fans help get the heat out from your system. These high output Y.S. Techs are sure to move a huge volume of air through the case.

The two front mounted fans draw in cold air from the front of the case. If you mount your hard drive in front of the fan, they double as a hard drive cooler.

The case comes with USB and multimedia ports on the right side. You can also see that the bottom of the front bezel is made so that air can flow freely into the case. Many cases have restrictive front bezels but our case will move air freely throughout the case at all times.


Case Type: ATX Mid-Tower
Driver Space 5.25 External Bay: 4
Driver Space 3.50 External Bay: 2
Driver Space 3.50 Internal Bay: 4
Expansion Slots: 10
Dimensions (WxHxD): 200x430x440mm

Cooling Stats
Intake Exhaust Total
Fans 2 92mm Y.S. Tech Ball Bearing
2 80mm Y.S. Tech
1 92mm Y.S. Tech Ball Bearing
2 80mm Y.S. Tech
7 Fans
CFM 179 CFM 133 CFM 312 CFM