Zalman Chipset Cooler

Zalman Chipset Cooler
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Product Description

Zalman Chipset Cooler
1. ZM-NB32K does not require a fan, thus it does not need to be powered, nor does it create noise or vibration.
2. The northbridge chipset can be cooled down to an optimal temperature without generation of noise.

(Caution: Zalman is not responsible for any damage to system caused by overclocking.)

1) One ZM-NB32K Heatsink
2) One Supply of Thermal Grease
3) Bolts/Nuts/Links/Push Pins/Springs (Three for Each)

Heatsink Specifications:
1) Model: ZM-NB32K
2) Dimensions : 37(L) X 37(W) X 32(H) mm
3) Material : Aluminium
4) Weight : 36g

Compatible Northbridge Chipsets: ZM-NB32K is compatible with all Northbridge chipsets that do not have a built-in graphics core.

1) ZM-NB32K cannot be used on motherboards that lack mounting holes around the Northbridge chipset. If the provided push pins don't match the holes on the motherboard, use the push pins supplied with motherboard.
2) If the heatsink(ZM-NB32K) interferes with some components on the mainboard, do not attach.