Zalman CNPS9700 LED CPU Cooler

Zalman CNPS9700 LED CPU Cooler
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Product Description

Zalman CNPS9700 LED CPU Cooler
The Zalman CPNS9700 LED CPU Cooler is a round mass of aluminum and copper CPU cooling goodness. The CPNS9700 utilizes multiple heatpipes and is engineered to efficiently and evenly disperse heat, through its circular design. The cooler is made to fit a number of both Intel and Athlon sockets and comes with a number of great additions, such as Zalman’s famous Fan Mate 2 fan controller and ZM-STG1 thermal grease.

This package is everything you’re going to need to put you on your way to an extremely effective computer cooling system. In addition to performance you get silence and a sweet look. The CPNS9700 copper look puts a sort of tuned up vicious engine look to the inside of your computer. The fan within the center of cooler disperses heat quickly and more importantly quietly. The fan has a silent mode that cuts down on sound significantly. On top of all that, it is a blue LED fan that puts some serious style into you computer in low light. Overall Zalman delivers, yet again, another high quality and feature filled product.

  • Compatible with all single and dual core CPUs for Intel’s Socket 775 and AMD’s Socket AM2/754/939/940.
  • 100% copper heatsink with aerodynamically optimized “tunnel” design for maximum cooling efficiency.
  • Innovative and patented, curved heatpipe design for a heat transfer capacity of up to six heatpipes with the use of just three.
  • 0.2mm ultra-slim fins for minimized weight and reduced airflow resistance.
  • Ultra quiet CNPS 110mm LED fan.
  • Does not generate noise or vibration in Silent Mode.
  • Adjustable fan speed controller (FAN MATE 2) included.
  • Super Thermal Grease (ZM-STG1) included.
  • 1) One (1) CNPS9700
  • 2) One (1) Thermal Grease (ZM-STG1)
  • 3) One (1) Fan Speed Controller (FAN MATE 2)
  • 4) One (1) FAN MATE 2 Cable
  • 5) One (1) Double-sided Tape (For attaching FAN MATE 2)
  • 6) One (1) User’s Manual
Components for Intel Socket 775
  • 7) One (1) Clip (S-Type)
  • 8) Four (4) Bolts (for installing the cooler)
  • 9) Four (4) Clip Support Fixing Bolts for Socket 775
  • 10) One (1) Clip Support for Socket 775
  • 11) One (1) Backplate for Socket 775
Components for AMD Sockets AM2/754/939/940
  • 12) One (1) Clip for AMD Sockets
  • 13) One (1) Clip Lever for AMD Sockets
HeatSink Specifications:
  • Compatibility: Socket LGA775 (Intel Core 2 Extreme, Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Duo, Pentium D, Pentium 4, Pentium, Celeron D, Celeron) Socket AM2/939/940/754 (Athlon 64, FX, X2, Sempron, Operton, Dual-Core Opteron)
  • Dimension: 90(L) X 124(W) X 142(H) mm
  • Heatsink Material: Pure Copper and Aluminum
  • Dissipation Area: 5,490 cm2
  • Weight: Heatsink: 690g, Total (including fan): 764g
  • Bearing type: 2 Ball-Bearing
  • Speed (Silent Mode): 1,250RPM ± 10 %
  • Sound (Silent Mode): 19.5dB ± 10%
  • Speed (Normal Mode): 2,800RPM ± 10 %
  • Sound (Normal Mode): 35dB ± 10%
FAN Speed Controller (FAN MATE 2):
  • Dimensions: 70(L) x 26(W) x 26(H)mm
  • Output Voltage: 5V ~ 11V ± 2%
  • Allowable Power: 6W or lower
  • Connector: 3 Pin
  • Type: Non-curing compound
  • Capacity : 3.5g
  • Specific Gravity : 2.42
  • Temperature Stability : -40°C-150°C (-40°F-302°F)