Zalman CPU Power Consumption Meter

Zalman CPU Power Consumption Meter
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Product Description

Zalman CPU Power Consumption Meter

Check how much juice your CPU is sucking up with this digital power consumption meter.

-Sleek design incorporating aluminum panel
-The front aluminum panel add to it's elegant design.
-Real-time measurement & display of CPU voltage, current, & power consumption
-User can conveniently check the CPU voltage, current, and power consumption data.

Highly credible IC provides Minimum margin of error. Clear and wide viewing angle using FND

FND (Flexible Numeric Display) displays the numbers clearly and provides a wide viewing angle even in a dark environment.

Built-in LED allows easy checking of the voltage, current, and power status.

Compatible with ATX12V CPU 4-Pin or EPS12V CPU 8-Pin

Two ATX12V CPU 2x2 (4-Pin) power cables can be combined to form an EPS12V CPU 8-Pin power cable.

Includes slots for additional modules such as the VGA PCM.