Zalman Fatal1ty FS-V7 VGA Cooler

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Product Description

Are you a gamer trying to squeeze the absolute maximum performance and frames per second out of your high end video card, but require the utmost stability? Then the Zalman FATAL1TY FS-V7 can help subdue your fears. The FATAL1TY Series of products are tested and approved by none other then Johnathan FATAL1TY Wendel himself.

Constructed completely of pure solid crimson copper, the base and fins of the FATAL1TY FS-V7 efficiently draw heat away from your GPU and dissipate it into the air. A bracket mounted 80mm fan means no screw holes drilled into the copper base to distort the heat transfer operation. The fan itself uses 11 fins instead of the standard 7 which allows it to move more air with less noise at a lower speed.

So get solid pure copper cooling for your high performance video card with wicked red LED lighting from the FATAL1TY FS-V7 by Zalman, who could ask for more?

NOTE: Please check for card compatibility below!

  • Generates very little noise or vibration in Silent Mode
  • Pure copper base material ensures excellent heat dissipation
  • Fan not only cools GPU chipset, but also VGA RAM and card components
  • Includes matching red BGA RAM heatsinks
  • 11 blade fan moves more air at lower speed and noise
  • Red LED fan matches Fatal1ty motif
  • Dimensions: 91 x 126.4 x 30mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 270g
  • Base Material: Pure Copper
  • Bearing Type: Double Ball
  • Speed: 2050rpm +/- 10% Quiet Mode, 3500rpm +/- 10% Performance Mode
  • Noise Level: 23.7 dBA +/-10% Quiet Mode, 36 dBA +/- 10% Performance Mode

NOTE: Zalman states that the Nipples MUST be tightened by hand. Using tools to tighten the nipples may break the tip of the nipples which will be no fun for anyone involved.