Zalman FG1000 FPS Gun Gaming Mouse

Zalman FG1000 FPS Gun Gaming Mouse
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Product Description

Zalman FG1000 FPS Gun Gaming Mouse
Disregard all the complaints from those silly right-wing conservatives on C-SPAN. When it comes to PC gaming, I think we can all agree that video game violence just isn't real enough!

If the simple click of a mouse just isn't enough to appease your unquenchable taste for blood, it's time your itchy trigger finger gets the relief it deserves with the new Zalman FG1000 FPS Gun Gaming Mouse. Optimized for First Person Shooters, this insanely accurate gaming mouse features trigger-styled buttons that help to create a virtual gaming environment that's hyper-realistic. Enhanced by 5 programmable buttons and an ergonomic slant design, the Zalman FG1000 practically eliminates any gaming fatigue you might acquire during those all night frag-fests.

The Gun Gaming Mouse even offers on-the-fly DPI control through the inclusion of an easy-access scroll wheel button, allowing users to manipulate real-time DPI color settings (up to 2000 dpi) during game-play.

  • Gun-Style Design Optimized for First- Person Shooters
  • Ergonomic Slant Grip
  • Wide Angle Targeting (w/ Minimal Movement)
  • 5 Programmable Buttons (Backwards, Forwards, L/R & Scrolling)
  • Real-Time DPI Control Scroll Button (Up to 2000 DPI)
  • Smooth & Silent Teflon Feet
  • Gold-plated USB Connector
  • Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista (32bit)
  • USB Port & CD-ROM Drive Required
  • 1ms Fast Response(1000Hz Poling Rate)
  • 16 bit Data Channel