Zalman NC1000 Notebook Cooler - Black

Zalman NC1000 Cooler - Black
Zalman NC1000 Cooler - Black
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Product Description

The NC1000 Notebook cooler from Zalman incorporates a sleek, ergonomic approach to laptop cooling. It features a top panel constructed out of high quality 3mm thick anodized aluminum with fine artistic curvature. But the NC1000 is not just about good looks, the aluminum panel also helps boost the unit's cooling performance.

Twin speed adjustable centrifugal fans drive constant air pressure to your laptop for fast cooling performance through 679 high capacity vent holes. The NC1000 is powered via your laptop's USB port eliminating the need for a separate power adapter.

  • Materials: Pure Aluminum, ABS
  • Weight: 1195g
  • Power: 5V through USB2.0
  • Fans: Twin Centrifugal
  • Bearing: Hypro Bearing
  • RPM: 1100-1500 +/-10%
  • Dimensions: 308 x 330 x 40mm (L x W x H)