Zalman NC2000 Widescreen Notebook Cooler for 17-20" Laptops - Black

Zalman NC2000 Widescreen Cooler for 17-20" Laptops - Black
Zalman NC2000 Widescreen Cooler for 17-20" Laptops - Black
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Product Description

Zalman NC2000 Widescreen Cooler for 17-20" Laptops - Black
Offering a refreshingly aerodynamic design, this widescreen notebook cooler from Zalman allows users to experience enhanced convenience and minimized noise.

This Zalman NC2000 features two centrifugal fans that allow consistent high air pressure and lightening quick cooling performance. Through an optimized ventilation structure, the aerodynamic design provides exceptional performance...even at a low speed. It's internal fan operates at a low RPM, making it perfect for use in quiet environments (such as offices, libraries, dorm rooms with sleeping drunk roommates, etc).

If you're a laptop user who's always on the go, you might also be prone to losing your cables. Well, no more. This Black Widescreen Notebook Cooler even features a USB Cable Storage Box, which offers storage of all your cables while being carried or not in use. For even more user convenience, the NC2000 also features two adjacent USB ports on the left and right sides, allowing the length of the USB cable to be minimized due to increased accessibility.

Wow, and you thought this thing was just gonna cool your laptop, didn't you?

  • Sleek Black Design
  • Ideal for 17 - 20 in Laptops
  • Rubber Grip Strip (Prevents Notebook from Sliding)
  • Two Centrifugal Fans
  • 928 High Capacity Vent Holes
  • Two USB Ports (Eliminating Need for Separate Adapter)
  • Hidden USB Cable Storage Box
  • Adjustable Height & Fan Speed
  • Dimensions: 318 x 400 x 42.5(H) mm
  • Weight: 1,460g
  • Base Material: Pure Aluminum, ABS
  • Noise: 18.0 - 25.5 dBA 10%
  • Input Voltage: 5V (Connects w/ USB Port)