Zalman Reserator XT Water Cooling System - Titanium

Zalman Reserator XT Water Cooling System - Titanium
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Product Description

Zalman Reserator XT Water Cooling System - Titanium
Featuring high-performance and the ability to be controlled according the environment of it's user, this ultra quiet Zalman Reserator XT Water Cooling System is the perfect kit for exceptional cooling performance.

The System also boasts digital monitoring of fluid temperature and fan/pump speed control, as well as a mechanical flow indicator that adds a visual confirmation of coolant flow rates. It's the perfect combination of easy installation, attractive styling and superior materials and workmanship.

Cooling System Features:
  • Reserator (Reservoir+Radiator+Water Pump): "Reserator" is a compound word derived from 'Reservoir' and 'Radiator' - it acts as a reservoir while radiating heat. This product works well with natural convection and integrates a water pump inside for convenience.
  • CPU Water Block (ZM-WB5): The CPU Water Block incorporates a pure copper base for excellent heat transfer. Surprisingly light-weight and easy-to-install, this Water Block supports Intel's Socket 775 CPUs and AMD's Socket 754/939/940/AM2 CPUs.
  • Anti-Corrosion Coolant (ZM-G300): This coolant contains a high quality anti-corrosion agent for various materials including copper, aluminum, and plastic, that prevents corrosion for long term operation.
  • FND Display: Displays the internal temperature, water temperature, water level, and mode. The black background and wine color details intensify the aesthetics.
  • Analog Gage: Displays the fan speed and pump s flow rate. The wine colored lighting adds a touch of elegance and tuning effect.
  • Automatic Control: The internal coolant temperature sensor automatically regulates the fan speed and coolant flow rate for optimal cooling and ultra quiet operation.
  • Flow Indicator: This component is connected in-line with the circulation tube for checking the circulation of the coolant. When the coolant is actively circulating, the cap inside the flow indicator shakes rapidly, providing easy indication of the circulation status.
  • Quick Coupling: By incorporating valves to prevent leaks when disconnecting the PVC Tubes, these Fittings allow the separation and reassembly of the Reserator to be incredibly quick and easy when it's time for transport and coolant replacement.
Reservator Specifications:
  • Weight: 7kg
  • Dimensions: 350 x 210 x 180 mm
  • Materials: Anodized Pure Aluminum
  • Maximum Coolant Capacity: Max. 1.25ℓ
  • Integrated Water Pump: 6W, DC 12V, & 300L/Hr
  • Maximum Lift: 1.8m