Xoxide's "Crotchety Old Case" Photo Contest


First Prize Winner: Justin Burnheimer (Chillicothe, OH)

"The I-Jon"

Talk about going above and beyond the call of duty (or in this case, doody)...this thing actually WORKS. Justin created this techno-crapper from pieces of an old camper toilet, an IMac case, a busted Compaq, and an old ATX case. Due to it's slim tubing, it may not be able to handle any large "loading times', but hey, if you want the perfect way to express your feelings towards Macs...

More Pics of the I-Jon

Second Prize Winner: Chris Mallory (Carbondale, KS)

"The Redneck Downhill Derby Racer"

Chris built this kick-ass downhill derby car from 3 early 90's HP cases. The steering wheel came from an E-Machines flat panel monitor. Suspiciously, Chris failed to mention the current health status of the young child who tested the Racer.

More Pics of the Redneck Downhill Derby Racer

Third Prize Winner: Michael T. Gould (Black Diamond, WA)

"The Gauntlet"

It doesn't get any more metal than this. Michael (of Black Diamond Metal Arts in Washington) turned this busted old Sun Server case into full-on medieval armor. Mike commented on his interesting craft by stating, "As you know, UNIX requires some special skill sets...".

More Pics of the Gauntlet

Congratulations to all of our winners, and thanks to
everyone for rising up to the challenge and submitting your entry!


"Pumpkin Patch" - Noemi Garcia (Broadview, IL)

"Kart Racer" - Erik Winther (Twin Falls,ID)

"Mailbox" - Vic McGuire (Carrollton, GA)

"Hamster Cage" - Dustin Cleary (Surprise, AZ)

"Bird House" - Salvador Garcia (Broadview, IL)

and finally...


"Rocket" - Shawn L (Wacomb, Michigan)

Shawn was the first person to enter our contest, and it shows. Shawn proudly proclaimed in his email that he "built a rocket so he could fly his case to the moon". Apparently, you can make rockets simply by putting a piece of silver tubing on the back. Nice work, Shawn.

For his hard work and dedication in creating the Ultimate Epic Fail Crotchety Case, Shawn will be receiving this Super-Limited Xoxide Prize Package, which consists of a year supply of yellow tie wraps (a year supply being 5), a 6 pack of Viking Thumbscrews, and of course, a wall-ready Certificate of Authenticity. Congratulations!

Total Prize Package Value: $1.14

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That's right, September is here again. For some of you hardcore modders out there, that means you're back in school and starting fresh with a custom case. There's just one thing to worry about...that old and busted case you still having lying around.

Don't worry, Xoxide has the perfect solution. We've teamed up with Lian Li to present the "Crotchety Old Case" Photo Contest. This is your opportunity to turn that dusty old rig of yours into something useful again. Be it a fish tank, a giant paperweight, or possibly even an illegal smoking device (not that we condone that sort of thing), we want to see your most practical use for that old-ass computer case.

Three Winners will be awarded Lian Li Prize Packages.
The contest will be judged upon:
  • 1. Cleverness
  • 2. Creativity
  • 3. Whatever's the Funniest or Most Bad-Ass.

Contest Rules --- PLEASE READ!:
Email your photo entry, along with your Name, Address, and Phone Number to . Just so we know you didn't steal the image, write "Xoxide 2008" on a piece of paper (or Post-It Note) and include it somewhere in the photo. The Contest runs until September 30th, 2008.

We can't begin to tell you how excited everyone here at Xoxide is for this Photo Contest (mostly because it has the word "crotch" in the title), so get your photo entries in today!

Winners will be announced on October 1st, 2008.

Winners will receive:

1st Place:

Lian Li PC-P60B Aluminum LED Mid Tower Computer Case - Black

(Total Prize Value: $289.99)

2nd Place:

Lian Li PC-65B Case &
Super Slim Acrylic Black Illuminated Keyboard

(Total Prize Value: $149.99)

3rd Place:

Lian-Li PC-7B Plus II Black Case & Sunbeam LAN Party Bag

(Total Prize Value: $131.99)