OPERATION:X is your chance to try your luck at getting the best deals on computer modification supplies ever! Looking to snag up a $100 computer case for $30? A $200 Swiftech water cooling kit for $60? A power supply for $5? Quality gaming headphones for $10? A one week vacation for you and 10 friends to your very own private island for only $25?* I think you get the idea.

Three items will be on sale:
  • One: A mind blowing deal with extremely limited quantity (Ex. $100 item @ $30)
  • Two: An amazing deal with slightly more quantity available (Ex. $100 item @ $50)
  • Three: The lowest price you'll find on the net for a given item and more abundant quantity than the first two (Ex. $100 item @ $80)
  • Oh yeah, we'll probably litter the front page featured items with some great deals as well.
What time will this go down, you might ask? The games will begin at 9:05PM EST SHARP. All the action will be going down at http://operationx.xoxide.com.

And remember, if you don't get exactly what you want this time around there's always next month. OPERATION:X will be on the 1st of the month, EVERY month!

*Okay, that one was a joke - what do you think we are, stupid?

The all new OPERATION:X will be on the 1st of each month at 9:05PM EST.

Put your brain to the test to win prizes and items at asininely discounted prices!

Make haste though, quantities will be limited!